products pics (4)Everyone loves to burn candles either for the ambience, the aroma, or both. Teri could do neither because most candles, produced commercially are made with paraffin wax, which is a petroleum by-product. Every time she would burn a candle or walk into someone’s house where there would be a candle burning she would have an allergic reaction; her chest would constrict and her throat would become irritated. And then one day while visiting her sister, she realized she was not having an allergic reaction to the candle burning on her kitchen counter top, and found out that it was a soybean candle with skin moisturizing vitamin and protein capabilities. Immediately she wanted to tell everyone that it was the paraffin wax, and not necessarily the fragrances used in candles that caused allergic reactions.

Tangerine Lavender Candle

As the story goes… it all happened in the kitchen, where a candle was born to light the way for an entrepreneurial enterprise.

So, excitedly from one soybean candle concept, and loaded with purpose and determination, Teri felt the only way to further share this with everyone who had allergies to candles was to make her own non-allergenic, clean burning soy candles. She began by using 100% soybean wax, no blends, or wax additives, and certainly no chemical coloring. She knew her fragrances had to be “inhalation safe” and contain a natural genuine scent. The candles had to be appealing to the eyes and have an excellent room throw scent – just the right ingredients, without overpowering the sense of smell in a negative way – and the rest is history, because shortly thereafter “Blue Flower Soy Candles, LLC” would light the way for her to share her fragrant soy candles with everyone.


But, Teri’s story does not stop with the clean burning soy candles. Since then her soy-use experience, along with utilizing other natural oil blends has blossomed into other body safe products, as well as other methods for burning soy wax flakes, known as “Aroma Scented Flakes” to be used in soapstone burners. One of the great advantages of soy candles is that the wax burns warm, thus allowing the warm soy oil, which contains Vitamin E and Soy Aroma Scented Flakesother proteins to become a great moisturizer to soften the hands or any part of the body’s skin.

Since carrying a lit soy candle around for moisturizing your skin can become cumbersome at times, she gradually eased into her next product, a Body Lotion Bar containing soybean and several other natural ingredients, and called the body product line “Soyba.”

Soyba body lotions

Soyba Body Lotion have become a great lotion for men, women and children. It has been an overwhelming success for the entire family. The benefits of the vitamin enriched soy and several other natural ingredients are good for hydrating dry skin, rejuvenating and repairing skin cells and helping with skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema.

Some of the special ingredients in the lavender essential oil Body Lotion are being hailed as a “natural insect repellent” as well as a moisturizer for the entire body.

Teri is currently in the trial stage of other Soyba body skin care products; a Facial Butter, as well as other skin care products, will hit the market soon. Stay tuned.

Blue Flower Soy Candles, aka, Blue Flower Soy (Candle and Skin Care) is based in Sarasota, Florida.