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Yes, they burn longer [than paraffin wax,] and hold their scent throughout the life of the candle. I only use 100% soy wax which creates a longer burning candle.
Yes, soy wax is toxic free and is practically soot free, except for minimal soot from the cotton or paper (lead-free) wick.
In order to prevent tunneling you need to burn the candle for at least an hour or more the first time for a good welt pool to prevent it from tunneling. The length of time is dependent upon the size of the candle.
Soapstone is a naturally occurring rock, also known as soaprock, and has been used for many centuries in China, India, and the Americas due to its softness for carving. Because soapstone cannot be degraded by heat it is used for candle dishes, oven dishes, incense dishes, and oil and wax burners.
You can light a tea light to warm up any leftover wax, then wipe it out and wash with hot water and soap. Caution wax in burners becomes hot when completely melted. Or, you can scrape out the unwanted soy wax and rinse the soapstone burner bowl with hot water.
Because most commercial soy candle makers use a soy wax blend, artificial glossy finish additives, stabilizers or paraffin wax, etc. to give the candle a smooth finish. I use pure 100% soybean wax, and no blends or artificial additives to give a natural finish…a healthier candle!
Yes, they are 100% soy wax which will burn longer than paraffin and soy blend tea lights.
Soy bean wax has vitamin E which is great for your skin.
Lavender in lotions will help to repel mosquitoes and peppermint helps to soothe sore and achy feet. Most of all it helps to heal dry skin.