I am a huge fan of the body lotion bar. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical when I first purchased it but since I’m not a huge fan of chemicals/drugs/etc., I thought I had nothing to loose trying it on my eczema. My doctor had given me prescription creams to use but all the warning notes about possible side effects and long term usage effects were making me nervous. I used your body bar for two weeks straight and the area that had not been clear in a year cleared up completely! While the prescription creams would clear this spot for me, when I stopped using them, it would revert right back. I swear there is a magic ingredient in your bars because it cleared it up for good! I still use the bars as a general lotion especially in the winter when my skin is extra dry but I know I will always keep one around in case I need that “magic!”
Alison A.

I purchased a lemon drop candle from you at the Venice Farmer’s Market. Just wanted to let you know… Love it!!! Such a clean crisp fragrance. Not at all cloying or overbearing.

I recently bought a soapstone candle holder with a little dish on top, some soy tea candles for it and fragrant soy chips. I’m enjoying it very much! It’s truly lovely!

I love these lavender body lotion bars. From someone who lives on an island and has had dengue fever (breakbone fever) caused by mosquito bites, these are the best. I rub on the lotion each morning on my feet, legs and hands and it keeps the mosquitoes away all day/night long.
Tetra D

I bought your facial cream when visiting Venice at Christmas. Love the product because it melts on my face and it isn’t full of chemicals that I can’t even pronounce(!!). You make a great product. I gave it as gifts to friends and family.
Marti M.

Thanks I enjoy your candles so much!Got them in the market in Venice when visiting family…Thanks!!
Kristin P.

I was introduced to your products at the Englewood Farmer’s Market and enjoyed them.

I tried the body butter, it’s great. I love it. I will buy more.
Valerie M.